Meet DeMeco Ryans

Growing up in Bessemer, Alabama, DeMeco Ryans was not surrounded by many examples he could look up to. It was his mother’s strong work ethic to raise him as a single parent that drove him to work hard. At a very young age, DeMeco realized the importance of education and excelled in the classroom, but also being blessed with tremendous athletic ability he received accolades on the gridiron while attending Jess Lanier High School in addition to the classroom.

Receiving a scholarship to The University of Alabama to play football, DeMeco still placed his primary focus on his education and received his degree from Alabama in Business Management, while he was still making people take notice of him as Captain of Alabama’s stellar defense. Ryans went on to become the SEC's Defensive Player of the Year for his performance in 2005, was named the 2006 Cotton Bowl Classic defensive MVP in their 13-10 win over Texas Tech and received the 2005 Lott Trophy for his combination of athletic excellence and off-the-field achievements.

DeMeco began his NFL career in 2006 with the Houston Texans after being selected as the first pick of the second round of the NFL Draft. Though he had been an outside linebacker in college, he earned the starting middle linebacker position due to his excellent performance in the preseason. In his first game he recorded a league-high 12 solo tackles. Ryans had an overwhelming impact as a rookie linebacker for the Texans, leading the team in tackles in the first half of the 2006 season.

In January 2007, DeMeco was awarded the NFL’s Rookie of the Year Award after registering 155 total tackles during his first year. He also was voted into his first Pro Bowl in 2007 and returned to the Pro Bowl in 2009.

Most fans refer to him affectionately as “Cap” due to his status as a once Texan and now Eagle team captain and in reverence of his tremendous professionalism and leadership on and off the field.

In 2012, DeMeco signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and immediately became a leader and impact player within the organization.

DeMeco clearly has a passion for football and assisting in positively impacting the lives of youth, but he also has a passion for family. He truly enjoys time spent with his wife Jamila and son DeMeco Jr., and their families back in Texas and Alabama

Latest Happenings

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